Chapter ?? My first WordPress blog!


So Hello!

I don’t really know what chapter of my business I am at…..All I do know is that I started it in 2004 and rather reluctantly involved myself more and more with the online world. Now, I wish I’d started sooner! ┬áHere is my shiney new blog-site which you can follow if you wish. Posts will cover new exciting products, discounts and other musings on behind-the-scenes action in my studio.


French Girl Chic

French Girl Chic


French Girl Chic by janedebono featuring leather purse

After a recent trip to france, I’m feeling the french vibes by styling my wardrobe out with casual chic outfits. ┬áKeeping it playful, with the the red lips sequin top and accessorising with Swedish Hasbeen sandals and my stripey leather zip bag.